Reviews of Dust


“While the entire band contributes perfectly in their respective roles, Ben Monder is clearly the captain of this musical ship with his powerful, yet beautifully subtle, guitar playing. Here is a guitarist who has no interest in establishing alpha-male guitar dominance and/or sticking to traditional ideas about what people expect to hear. Instead, Monder takes his time to express his musical soul – with stunning results…Listening to Dust I was taken back to the days when I would put my headphones on and listen to entire albums with my eyes closed. This is the kind of album that demands some patience, but the payoff is magical.”
—Craig Yerkes, San Diego Troubador


“Monder’s haunting compositions use odd meters, extended forms, and daring polytonal harmonies that push the boundaries of the guitars capabilities…Highly recommended.”
—Tristen Rosenn, Bird Magazine


“…Monder creates flowing, rich harmonies while conjuring up moods of dark introspection and a twist of controlled mayhem on this stunning six string showcase.”
— Bill Milkowski, JazzTimes


“Dust is one of the best jazz records I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing.”
—Blaine Fallis,